cut interest with consolidation loans

The annual Consolidation Loan sale is underway again this year at the CECU.

If you're ready to get your debt under control now is a great time to do so as we are offering consolidation loans at just 5% for a limited time. With the convenience of payroll deduction and the flexibility to make larger payments we welcome the opportunity to help our members get back into the black. This is our third year doing this promotion and we have seen some great successes.

If you're ready to take the next steps, please contact us and we’ll gladly send out an application.

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general meeting

Thanks to all who came out!

Our 61st Annual General Meeting was held on April 21st 2015 in the Richmond Campus auditorium, and for those who attended there was a lot of good news – and, as always, some fun prizes. The Credit Union was once again able to maintain profitability and pay a strong dividends to its members. Under the leadership of our General Manager and our Board of Directors the Credit Union will continue to focus on service expansion and accessibility initiatives in 2015.

The Credit Union would also like to welcome back Terri Holizki and Andrew Wong who were both re-elected to serve as directors for another term. Andrew and Terri add great value to our board and we're excited to continue working with them.

If you missed this year’s AGM you can view the Financial Statements and Annual Report online soon.

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Another Strong Year at CECU

The CECU is pleased to announce that we had another strong year in 2014.

In February the CECU Board of Directors declared a dividends of 5% on Equity Shares and 1.8% or Regular shares resulting in over $400k paid back to our members. In a general financial climate of greatly reduced returns the board believes that these are very good in today’s market. These dividends are also up from last year (we paid 1.7% on Regular Shares in 2013).

For details, please visit our Year End Reports page.

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